What changes can we expect by 2020?

What changes can we expect by 2020?

So, i have done some research and have found some pretty exciting new technology that are predicted to make an appearance in 2020. I have listed the most exciting ones below for you to have a read through, I hope you find them interesting!

Using gestures to control your computer
Earlier this year, Apple decided to set up a motion sensor computer and make the new found technology patent. They had this idea and were swift to get it patented so no one else could steal their idea.

The idea was to control your computer through hand movements. Although motion sensor technology has been around since 2012, this is way more advanced and can bring more potential to the table.


Fancy a romantic getaway to the stars?
Well you may just get that, literally. Orbital Technologies have said they reckon they will be sending tourists up into space to a Commercial Space Station. A rocket will take guests up to the space station where they will spend time in a cabin.

Enjoying zero gravity, guests will be able to experience what it is like whilst enjoying the magnificent views of space through the ship’s portholes. The Russia company have hinted that this could even happen as early as next year!


Car… take me to the shops please!

So, the talks of a self driving car have been going on for a long time but now, they are finally testing them on the road! If things carry on, they could soon be part of our everyday reality. What is even more exciting is that Google have now announced that they have decided to team up with Ford to build these self driving cars. This would then be huge!!


Keep checking my blogs for more exciting new technologies coming up in the future!

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