New technology predictions for the future

New technology predictions for the future

In a previous blog I ended it with the exciting new venture with self driving cars. Well, in this blog, i have some more exciting news about that subject. I also have some more new up and coming technologies that are sure to blow your mind (in a good way).


  • The new Audi Q7 SUV making the headlines
    Self driving cars have definitely grabbed many headlines but, new technology is also bringing exciting new gadgets in your normal cars too! The all new Audi Q7 SUV has been said to be able to brake on behalf of the driver of the car and if you veer off the correct lane it will nudge you back again.
  • Going to a foreign country?
    Don’t worry about a thing. With new technology coming available, we will soon be able to translate anything! Technology may be the future of breaking down the language barrier, all over the world.

    The Google app will be able to translate conversations and even translate street signs for you. You will be able to go to a foreign country knowing that you can understand anything they may throw at you. This is also a huge breakthrough for allergy sufferers too as menus shouldn’t be too hard to go through!
  • Who needs sunscreen?
    Not us! Well, maybe for a few years yet but, not forever! Scientists are making a huge breakthrough with sunscreen and could potentially cut down the risk of skin cancer and sunburn too.

    For the around five years now, scientists have been doing some exciting research and experiments. Using both fish and coral (which both include a compound that protects them both from the sun), scientists are making a pill that will protect us from the sun like the fish and coral.



With these exciting new technologies coming in the future, I think the world is starting to become a better, safer place!

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