Why graphics is the way forward for marketers

Why graphics is the way forward for marketers

Visual marketing has a huge power and the use of graphics in promoting your business can increase views for your posts on social media sites and enhance the engagement for viewers.

We tried this with a local independant financial advisors company and, although hundreds and thousands of posts are scrolled through, only a few were found to actually grab people’s attention.

Those containing photos and videos are mostly the ones that grab attention. Even if you do not have a big advertising budget, you can make use of attractive graphics for your promotional purposes. Here are some tips and tricks.

Begin with professional images

First of all, you need interesting and professional-grade graphics – whether using it for social media, website or blog. If you are good at clicking photos, you can try clicking a few images on your own and start the process. This will help you to remain free from copyright issues. But if you are not good with photography or simply lack the time for the same, you can use websites like Picjumbo, Pixabay, LibreStock and Unsplash to get photos for free.

Check the licensing

In case you are using images downloaded from the internet, make sure that they are under Creative Commons Zero license. This indicates that you will be able to use, copy, distribute and modify the images for free and use them for commercial reasons. You will not have to ask for permission from the website or photographer. However, there is no need to do this in case you opt for images from a paid site. For an annual or monthly fee, you can get the chance to use the images.

Check the authenticity of images

In case you wish to ensure that the images being used are completely authentic, the Google Reverse Image search tool can be useful for you. Go to the link images.google.com, typing the address on Chrome browser URL bar. Upload or drag the image from your computer to the Google image search box and hit the “Search” button. This will display the websites containing the image.

Use custom graphics

Custom graphics are eye-catching and can convey your brand message quite easily. You can easily create graphics for platforms like Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube etc. You can add icons, images and text in order to make the brand easily displayable across any type of platform.

Share quote graphics

People simply love graphics containing quotes of famous people, which can inspire, educate and entertain. You can simply post a quote graphic instead of only publishing a status update on your profile.

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